Ruched wedding dress

Pleat by pleat and stitch by stitch, a thousand little steps got us to the finished work that contain both my happiness and the bride’s!

“Be your own kind of beautiful!” you should look like yourself at your most beautiful on your wedding day. The smile on the bride face says it all and mean a lot to me.

A wedding dress should reflect the bride’s personality and showcase everything her beliefs about herself . Don’t be afraid to make a statement about who you are, you can never be wrong as long as you are being true to yourself and not trying to be someone else.

Thank you for allowing my brand to be part of this magical moment of yours.

My wedding gown

To be honest, I am one of those plain Jane who have no vision of walking down the aisle in my dream wedding gown, until last November, after he pop the question and the image eventually sank in my mind; all i can ever imagine of my wedding gown are “Simple, Modest and Regal”.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (63)

It took me about 2 months to work on the gown with plain crêpe I found on the fabric scrap street in Vietnam (weeeee~ upcycle!!!). I top off the look with fascinator hat and birdcage veil.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (11)

Guess which part is my favourite? The back details and the fascinator hat.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (113)

Some elders criticize my gown is too plain… Owh well~ my day my way.

Never ever imagined it could be so dreamy with tulle veil on… Kudos to my experienced MUA and talented photographer!

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (193)

This is my best loved among all, full of love and happiness with bright smile on our face and blossoms in the hand.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (222).jpg

Regal and Modest. Flawless from every angles even when I bends throughout the ceremony.  I couldn’t ask for more…

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (611)

Which part is your favourite, share me thoughts below?


Shin yi.


The three little hearts ♥♥♥ behind my tag carry my gratitude for those who have supported my small business, my dream and my vision for making the earth a better place for every creature… Thank you!!!


“Everytime you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Anne Lappe.

Part of the profits from your purchase will go into my recent rescue funds!

Last month we found Trigger the Rotty wandering around my housing area, fearing that he might be hurting the passerby, we took him with us while searching for his ex-owner… It took us few days to locate his ex-owner, but sadly he couldn’t afford him physically and financially anymore… the ex-owner agreed to let us re-home his 7yrs-old Trigger or put him to sleep if needed… After get him check up and neutered, we found him a pastor who willing to adopt him and give him a home… Trigger is now staying in the church and we are happy that he is in a good hand now 🙂


I always love animals more than humans. I am not ashamed of it and I think the animals deserve better (this is why I choose to be a vegetarian).

When I was young, I told my dad I want to change the world; I want a world without killing and suffering.  He then replies me with a downhearted face “You are so naive and impractical, at your age, all of you just want to be superman to save the world. You don’t have to pay bills or taking care of your responsibilities. ”

At this point, I finally understand his struggles and sacrifices for us. Call me naive, I still hope that through my own action; I wish to bring a little sunshine on a cloudy day, radiates positivities, good vibes, and a little kindness every day. To make my dreams come true, I decided to use part of the profit from my collection to support independent rescuers, animal sanctuary, TNRM (trap, neuter, release, manage), any kind of animal-related charity.

I am not making much at this point, but I believe this is just a starting point for something greater.

The three little hearts ♥♥♥ stand for my dream, my vision, my belief. Once again, for those who have supported me, thank you!


Shin Yi