Fabric remnants hunting trip 

Hello from Vietnam *waving hands* 🤗 I am spending a week here with my fiance, while he is working, I am exploring around the city.

I did my research online, decided to check out Phu Tho Hoa street which known as “fabric scrap street” by the locals. (Address: Phu tho hoa street, Phu tho hoa ward, Tan phu district 

The whole stretch is full of fabric remnants shops, which selling leftover textiles from sewing contractor in Saigon. The seller rearranged these leftovers and charge them by weight (I bought my remnants at VND 60,000 per kilograms) 

Piles and piles of fabrics displyed on the floor. You might be  surprised what is hidden in there 😊

Apart from textiles, there are a few stores selling trims and hangtags too. 

I spend around two hours there, generally the sellers are kind and nice.

The fabric is being charged by weight. On average, I spend VND 60,000 on per kilogram. 


My shopping bag is weighed 5.6kg at the end, it was too heavy to carry around! I should have brought a suitcase with me! I can’t shop any longer hence I decided to leave early. Guess what I purchased? 

Tadaa!!! 12 pieces of fabrics!!! I found a few plain white fabric for my wedding gown, silky red chiffon for my wedding buffet and printed floral chiffon for my friend. Most of them have tiny defection or comes in odd shape. 

The black fabric is connected by two pieces, the white chiffon is tinted whereby the floral fabric comes in odd shape. I believe the rest are leftover from cut and sew projects. 

Vietnam has a lot more to offer beside this, I am so excited to explore around! It is indeed a heaven for craft lover ^^ 

Zero-waste shift dress

Life has been taking an unexpected turn lately… I am engaged 🙂

It happened during our trip to Chiangmai, my fiance planned a photo-shoot for us and he knelt down under a tree.

I made myself a zero-waste shift dress with leftover fabric from the previous project for our couple photo-shoot. The pattern is pretty simple with three rectangles but it turns out nicer than I thought it would be!


Two years ago, I was being asked where would I wanna get proposed? I was tipsy, can’t think straight and answered whatever I saw in front of me “On top of a tree” I said… My jokes got taken seriously…


I love how the dress draped over my body and my favorite part is the straight neckline!


What do you think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


The three little hearts ♥♥♥ behind my tag carry my gratitude for those who have supported my small business, my dream and my vision for making the earth a better place for every creature… Thank you!!!


“Everytime you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Anne Lappe.

Part of the profits from your purchase will go into my recent rescue funds!

Last month we found Trigger the Rotty wandering around my housing area, fearing that he might be hurting the passerby, we took him with us while searching for his ex-owner… It took us few days to locate his ex-owner, but sadly he couldn’t afford him physically and financially anymore… the ex-owner agreed to let us re-home his 7yrs-old Trigger or put him to sleep if needed… After get him check up and neutered, we found him a pastor who willing to adopt him and give him a home… Trigger is now staying in the church and we are happy that he is in a good hand now 🙂


I always love animals more than humans. I am not ashamed of it and I think the animals deserve better (this is why I choose to be a vegetarian).

When I was young, I told my dad I want to change the world; I want a world without killing and suffering.  He then replies me with a downhearted face “You are so naive and impractical, at your age, all of you just want to be superman to save the world. You don’t have to pay bills or taking care of your responsibilities. ”

At this point, I finally understand his struggles and sacrifices for us. Call me naive, I still hope that through my own action; I wish to bring a little sunshine on a cloudy day, radiates positivities, good vibes, and a little kindness every day. To make my dreams come true, I decided to use part of the profit from my collection to support independent rescuers, animal sanctuary, TNRM (trap, neuter, release, manage), any kind of animal-related charity.

I am not making much at this point, but I believe this is just a starting point for something greater.

The three little hearts ♥♥♥ stand for my dream, my vision, my belief. Once again, for those who have supported me, thank you!


Shin Yi

Mini photoshoot

Poor designers have to do everything~ Here we are! the two poor designers, trying to take up the role of model and photographer…  

Two days ago, KC came over for mini photo-shoot, we have a few pieces for summer  We were so grateful for having a tripod with us; making our task smoother. Studio light from Taobao did a wonderful job!!!

Given the settings and with just two of us, I am very happy with what we have captured! 

 What do you think?

My workshop

This is where I design, draft, cut and sew. After days of cleaning, sorting, moving and tidying, my studio is finally ready!!! I am so excited to work in this new space 🙂  It is bright and airy, couldn’t ask for more!

 Noticeboard and mannequins next to my bookcase. I need a few more mannequins…   Stationary and photoshoot prop corner.  My markers! I got most of them from my senior. They fit perfectly in Ikea document rack!  Thread rack… I installed it underneath the window; the position is rather low and inconvenient but I can’t think any better place than this… The rack is running out of space soon… 😦  My fabric storage 😀 I spent days on sorting and folding fabric, keep them neatly on the rack. It isnt an easy task but i am super proud of my work!!! On the left: loose end fabrics less than 1 meter.  On the right: Fabric scraps from various projects and assignments. I rolled them up to save space and it is easier to search and remove when I need to use them. On top of my bookcase, is where I put my cup of coffee and water bottle. The colors diagram behind is my color theory class assignment. The t-shirts are what I designed for Brian’s class 🙂 I really miss my school time… My books!!! I still keep my old projects and my scrapbook. They reminds me of all the good time i have had in class ❤  A touch of green at the corner… My huge working table!My machines~Another corner of my studio.

This is where I work and spend most of my time on~ I love this space and cant be thankful enough for this…