Custom suit

Hello, I hope my readers are doing well, It has been a while since my last update. 2019 is fun and yet challenging, I was away on long trips to Japan and US with my family, hence the lack of updates. Last year was all about wedding, this year I decided to step out of my comfort zone and working on menswear!!!

Menswear wasn’t my specialty, but I was very motivated to work with Von Wong. He is an artist and activist best known for his environmental art installation. Von was in Saigon few months ago, working on “Strawpocalypse”, a HUGE ocean wave made with 168000 used straws recovered off the streets from Vietnam . He was looking to make a suit, with sustainable fashion approach. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!! It is my honour to work with like minded environmental activists like Von.

We started with brainstorming ideas over messages, he wish for conversation starter piece with his logo included, a suit that isn’t boring and a way to look like a grown up. The final design comes up after a few amendments over cups of coffees. Time was very limited given his workload and I did my best to streamline the whole process, from creating patterns, do fittings, fabric sourcing and final fitting.

“I want my suit to be black on black, it should be almost not noticeable” as of the lining, he said “I don’t really care what’s inside, you can use whatever you have and I am fine even it is in rainbow colour!”

Lightbulb came up in my mind and I can’t help to think of all the vintage floral fabric scraps I have collected over the years…

I sourced the fabric from fabric scraps market(photos below). Don’t be fooled by the appearances and presentations of this fabrics, there are some very high quality suit fabrics laying around on the street

The whole process took me longer than I thought, mainly also because my machine broke down at the very last day. After a few hiccups, The suit is finally done and I can’t be proud enough to see the suit

This has been a very enjoyable process and journey, and I would never forget the smile on Von’s face when he puts on the suits. Being able to create this custom suits using my own philosophy of sustainable design, and laying another piece of happiness on clients like Von gives me the passion to continue on this fashion journey.

Featherlight slip gown,

I think a bride should indulge and be true to her personal style by choosing a wedding dress that makes her feel absolute most like “her.” So I did! After walking down the aisle in the fitted silver gown (refer to my previous post), I took a load off by changing into this significantly lighter chiffon dress. 46696968_467084173816149_9158966524055126016_n.jpg


Simplicity is key and yet I wish to make a bold statement for my second and last look of the day.


Out of all the gown, without any second doubt, this is my absolute favorite!!! As you can tell from my smiley face, the dress is relax and comfortable to wear in, light, clean and yet eye catching.

On top of all above, this is a reconstructed dress, it is the icing on the cake.

Yes, i reconstruct this dress from one of my gown previously I wore for my pre-wedding photoshoot!



This dress has kept so much memory as it is the first wedding gown I put on for photo-shooting, and I wear it to end the chapter. Over and above, I toss my bouquet and had my first dance in it.



The rest of the night was filled with laughter, singing and dancing. We had so much fun that night!

The celebration of #happiyilemverafter has come to an end. After taking a break, I am ready to move on to new project! Hopefully by next year, it will be ready to share with you all.

The contemporary qipao

This is one of my favorite dress I did for myself and I really enjoy doing it!!! It is a bareback embroidered cheongsam, also known as qipao; traditional Chinese costume.

Qipao is a straight, close-fitting dress with a high neck, short sleeves, and a slit skirt. I make it short so it is easier to walk in and pose with Cici (the husky below).

However, the prewedding shoot doesn’t show much the details of the dress… I still love it though, because Cici is in it! No one can resist a silly dog… Right?

E (50)

E (21)

E (25)

I decided to reshoot the dress to showcase the details…

I used soft tulles for ruching on the bodice to create light and fluffy texture. A lot of hand-stitching going on but I guess it worth the effort!

The bow behind changed the silhouette of my body, boost up my flat butt.




Cut-in armhole goes just well with mandarin collar… I reuse some of the lace scraps from the previous project, add on sequin flowers and butterflies for a vintage look.




I love making beautiful things… The satisfaction is there when you put hours of hard work turn the ideas into fruition. Behind the scene:




Share me your thoughts below?


Shin Yi.

My workshop

This is where I design, draft, cut and sew. After days of cleaning, sorting, moving and tidying, my studio is finally ready!!! I am so excited to work in this new space 🙂  It is bright and airy, couldn’t ask for more!

 Noticeboard and mannequins next to my bookcase. I need a few more mannequins…   Stationary and photoshoot prop corner.  My markers! I got most of them from my senior. They fit perfectly in Ikea document rack!  Thread rack… I installed it underneath the window; the position is rather low and inconvenient but I can’t think any better place than this… The rack is running out of space soon… 😦  My fabric storage 😀 I spent days on sorting and folding fabric, keep them neatly on the rack. It isnt an easy task but i am super proud of my work!!! On the left: loose end fabrics less than 1 meter.  On the right: Fabric scraps from various projects and assignments. I rolled them up to save space and it is easier to search and remove when I need to use them. On top of my bookcase, is where I put my cup of coffee and water bottle. The colors diagram behind is my color theory class assignment. The t-shirts are what I designed for Brian’s class 🙂 I really miss my school time… My books!!! I still keep my old projects and my scrapbook. They reminds me of all the good time i have had in class ❤  A touch of green at the corner… My huge working table!My machines~Another corner of my studio.

This is where I work and spend most of my time on~ I love this space and cant be thankful enough for this…