The contemporary qipao

This is one of my favorite dress I did for myself and I really enjoy doing it!!! It is a bareback embroidered cheongsam, also known as qipao; traditional Chinese costume.

Qipao is a straight, close-fitting dress with a high neck, short sleeves, and a slit skirt. I make it short so it is easier to walk in and pose with Cici (the husky below).

However, the prewedding shoot doesn’t show much the details of the dress… I still love it though, because Cici is in it! No one can resist a silly dog… Right?

E (50)

E (21)

E (25)

I decided to reshoot the dress to showcase the details…

I used soft tulles for ruching on the bodice to create light and fluffy texture. A lot of hand-stitching going on but I guess it worth the effort!

The bow behind changed the silhouette of my body, boost up my flat butt.




Cut-in armhole goes just well with mandarin collar… I reuse some of the lace scraps from the previous project, add on sequin flowers and butterflies for a vintage look.




I love making beautiful things… The satisfaction is there when you put hours of hard work turn the ideas into fruition. Behind the scene:




Share me your thoughts below?


Shin Yi.

My workshop

This is where I design, draft, cut and sew. After days of cleaning, sorting, moving and tidying, my studio is finally ready!!! I am so excited to work in this new space 🙂  It is bright and airy, couldn’t ask for more!

 Noticeboard and mannequins next to my bookcase. I need a few more mannequins…   Stationary and photoshoot prop corner.  My markers! I got most of them from my senior. They fit perfectly in Ikea document rack!  Thread rack… I installed it underneath the window; the position is rather low and inconvenient but I can’t think any better place than this… The rack is running out of space soon… 😦  My fabric storage 😀 I spent days on sorting and folding fabric, keep them neatly on the rack. It isnt an easy task but i am super proud of my work!!! On the left: loose end fabrics less than 1 meter.  On the right: Fabric scraps from various projects and assignments. I rolled them up to save space and it is easier to search and remove when I need to use them. On top of my bookcase, is where I put my cup of coffee and water bottle. The colors diagram behind is my color theory class assignment. The t-shirts are what I designed for Brian’s class 🙂 I really miss my school time… My books!!! I still keep my old projects and my scrapbook. They reminds me of all the good time i have had in class ❤  A touch of green at the corner… My huge working table!My machines~Another corner of my studio.

This is where I work and spend most of my time on~ I love this space and cant be thankful enough for this…