Two-piece mermaid gown

D (40)D (64)

I always prefer two piece design because of the versatility to mix and match with other piece to create different look. The flexibility in two-piece design extend the usability of these separate pieces.

I had fun in making the corset and mermaid skirt… The skirt is so stunning with the sequins! Although it is almost impossible to walk properly in this skirt without stepping on the hem… After all, behind every beautiful things, there’s some kind of pain. Don’t you agree?

Here’s me having fun in mix and match the skirt with different elements…


My favorite look is the T-shirt combination! Well, who knows mermaid skirt can be so elegant yet fun and playful?

How about yours? Share me your thoughts below?


Shin Yi.

Mini photoshoot

Poor designers have to do everything~ Here we are! the two poor designers, trying to take up the role of model and photographer…  

Two days ago, KC came over for mini photo-shoot, we have a few pieces for summer  We were so grateful for having a tripod with us; making our task smoother. Studio light from Taobao did a wonderful job!!!

Given the settings and with just two of us, I am very happy with what we have captured! 

 What do you think?