Featherlight slip gown

I think a bride should indulge and be true to her personal style by choosing a wedding dress that makes her feel absolute most like “her.” So I did! After walking down the aisle in the fitted silver gown (refer to my previous post), I took a load off by changing into this significantly lighter chiffon dress. 46696968_467084173816149_9158966524055126016_n.jpg


Simplicity is key and yet I wish to make a bold statement for my second and last look of the day.


Without any second doubt, this is my absolute favorite out of all the gowns. As you can tell from the photos, the dress is relax and comfortable to wear in. I love how it drape and flow gracefully on my body while I move around in it, but knowing that the dress is reconstructed from an used gown is the icing on the cake.

Yes, i reconstruct this dress from one of my gown previously I wore for my pre-wedding photoshoot!



This dress had so much memory stitched into it as it is the first wedding gown I put on for photo-shooting, and after 9 months, I wear it to end the chapter. Over and above, I toss my bouquet and had my first dance in it.



The rest of the night was filled with laughter, singing and dancing. We had so much fun that night!

The celebration of #happiyilemverafter has come to an end. After taking a break, I am ready to move on to new project! Hopefully by the next, it will be ready to share with you all.

Do you love my dress? Tell me below in the comment session. Hope to hear from you 🙂


Shin Yi

Star studded

I am addicted to black and I would pick black over and over again. However, for my wedding reception (also my husband’s birthday party), I have to stand out from the black and yellow table setting (restaurant’s theme); reluctantly, I opt for silver…

We set our theme around the black tablecloth and yellow napkin :  Stary night. VSY_067VSY_166VSY_379

I am so in love with the back beading details!!!

VSY_123VSY_137VSY_130AirBrush_20180826181228 (1)VSY_254VSY_269

I wonder if this gown will be worn for second time???


Your thoughts?


Shin Yi

My wedding gown

To be honest, I am one of those plain Jane who have no vision of walking down the aisle in my dream wedding gown, until last November, after he pop the question and the image eventually sank in my mind; all i can ever imagine of my wedding gown are “Simple, Modest and Regal”.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (63)

It took me about 2 months to work on the gown with plain crêpe I found on the fabric scrap street in Vietnam (weeeee~ upcycle!!!). I top off the look with fascinator hat and birdcage veil.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (11)

Guess which part is my favourite? The back details and the fascinator hat.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (113)

Some elders criticize my gown is too plain… Owh well~ my day my way.

Never ever imagined it could be so dreamy with tulle veil on… Kudos to my experienced MUA and talented photographer!

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (193)

This is my best loved among all, full of love and happiness with bright smile on our face and blossoms in the hand.

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (222).jpg

Regal and Modest. Flawless from every angles even when I bends throughout the ceremony.  I couldn’t ask for more…

victor&shinyi morning ceremony (611)

Which part is your favourite, share me thoughts below?


Shin yi.

Two-piece mermaid gown

D (40)D (64)

I always prefer two piece design because of the versatility to mix and match with other piece to create different look. The flexibility in two-piece design extend the usability of these separate pieces.

I had fun in making the corset and mermaid skirt… The skirt is so stunning with the sequins! Although it is almost impossible to walk properly in this skirt without stepping on the hem… After all, behind every beautiful things, there’s some kind of pain. Don’t you agree?

Here’s me having fun in mix and match the skirt with different elements…


My favorite look is the T-shirt combination! Well, who knows mermaid skirt can be so elegant yet fun and playful?

How about yours? Share me your thoughts below?


Shin Yi.

The contemporary qipao

This is one of my favorite dress I did for myself and I really enjoy doing it!!! It is a bareback embroidered cheongsam, also known as qipao; traditional Chinese costume.

Qipao is a straight, close-fitting dress with a high neck, short sleeves, and a slit skirt. I make it short so it is easier to walk in and pose with Cici (the husky below).

However, the prewedding shoot doesn’t show much the details of the dress… I still love it though, because Cici is in it! No one can resist a silly dog… Right?

E (50)

E (21)

E (25)

I decided to reshoot the dress to showcase the details…

I used soft tulles for ruching on the bodice to create light and fluffy texture. A lot of hand-stitching going on but I guess it worth the effort!

The bow behind changed the silhouette of my body, boost up my flat butt.




Cut-in armhole goes just well with mandarin collar… I reuse some of the lace scraps from the previous project, add on sequin flowers and butterflies for a vintage look.




I love making beautiful things… The satisfaction is there when you put hours of hard work turn the ideas into fruition. Behind the scene:




Share me your thoughts below?


Shin Yi.

Upcycle shirt top

Each of us has clothing that sits in our wardrobe for years… I admit that I have made impulsive purchase in the past, despite my effort in “buy less, choose well” recent years. As a result of my impulsive buying, I bought this top on sales and never worn it for the past few years because the fabric is too sheer and the front closure is not secure enough.

“Why not put my batik starter kit to good use?” I think. That’s how it started! I created the motif and transferred it to the top. The fun part is heating up the wax and draw along the lines… It can be quite messy but the result is better than I initially thought!

( Do not do this! heating up wax with cookie can…  )
Arent they gorgeous???
I love this so much even before it is done!

Next step, soak the top into the dye bath and remove the wax afterward by boiling it with soda ash…

Close up on the details after removing wax…

I think the sleeves are boring so I trimmed it off and give them a new look…


What do you think???

The color brightened up the whole look!  I love the new sleeves and the goldfishes on my shoulders…




I will do this again and again because I enjoy making marvelous out of the discarded…


What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts below…


Shin Yi

The simple wedding dress

When we first stepped into the bridal house, my first and foremost request is “a very simple dress without any embellishments”. Stunned at my request, the consultant brought me a few dresses to try on, but none of them fulfill my requirement and the fit is barely satisfactory (I am not the average Asian girl size)… After pondered this matter for a long time, I decided to turn my vision into reality.

No fussy details, no crazy big volume, all I want for my white gown is nothing but clean and sleek. Do you know what makes it even better? I am using the fabric waste I purchased at Phu Tho Hoa street from my last trip to Vietnam (refer to my previous post).

A (3)

The gown is simple, sleek and upcycled from textile waste!!! The fabric was dirty and dyed but after washing, it is just as clean as new fabric…

A (10)A (12)

I am really delighted with the photoshoot! In my own opinion, what matters in pre-wedding photoshoot is not how magnificent the gown or background is, but the couple. The shooting is meant to commemorate our youth and a pleasant experience to be shared between the lovebirds which the precious moments will turn into our lifetime memories. Hence, it is very important that the couple feel comfortable and pleasant.

A (26)A (31)

Wide neckline, open back with back godet, you get to see more details below…

A (97)A (83)A (92)

What do you think? Feel free to share your thoughts below…


Shin Yi

Saigon’s fabric market 

Xin chào mọi người!!! As I mentioned in my previous post, I am staying in Ho Chi Minh for a week. While my fiancé is busy working, I am spending my days biking around for fabric markets! I am surprised with what the city is offering! Hereby I noted down my experience accordingly to different district.

  1. As a foreigner, I had hard time looking for washroom, so I avoid drinking before my visit.
  2. Wear footwear that are easy to remove as they don’t wear shoes in the shop.
  3. They don’t take credit card, so bring enough cash!
  4. Some sellers understand basic English and Chinese, Google translate would be very useful over there 🙂

Ready? Here we go 😀

District 5 ( Soai Kinh Lam fabric market + Dai Quang Minh market )

I spend my first two days at District 5, check out both Soai Kinh Lam fabric market and Dai Quang Minh market. They are located just 300 meters (4 mins walk) away from each other.

Soai Kinh Lam fabric market is considered one of the biggest fabric market in the city! The shops are located along the busy street, becareful with the ongoing traffic!

The market offers ranges of textiles, from plain cotton to fancy embroidered laces; however, the choices rather repetitive. Some sellers know basic English and Chinese, whereby some are kind and being patience with me as I communicate with them Google translate.

Below are what I bought from Soai Kinh Lam market, not as much since it is more pricey.

On the other side, Dai Quang Minh market offers ranges of accessories, tassels, strings, sewing materials, notions, embroidery patch and a lot more!!! I will let pictures do the talking below!

The market’s entrance



Some of the shops sell in bulk, generally the price is a lot cheaper from Malaysia and Singapore!

Ribbon embroidery that sell in bulk.

Bra cup selling at VND10,000 per pair.


I am really surprised with all the supplies in Dai Quang Minh market! I can spend half day just looking at the embroidery patches and beads *laughing*

Tan Binh district ( streets opposite Tan Binh market ) 

No words could describe my excitement when I arrived! Unlike Soai Kinh Lam fabric market, the stocks here are generally higher quality and nicer! Surprisingly, the price is cheaper here compare to Soai Kinh Lam market and the sellers are friendlier too!

I am going crazy all over these beautiful textiles!!! Too bad I don’t have enough cash and they don’t take credit card *sobbing*

Don’t forget to check out the market too, they have a lot interesting notions, hangers, and mannequins.

Zipper wall!!!

I believe the market offers not just textiles and notions but also a place for fashion wholesale business. Look at how much they bought and carried in the bike!

I really love these textiles I got from the market! Priced at VND 20000 per meter, I am rather confused how they charged because some textiles they sell it in weight ( for instance, VND 275000 per kg).

Ben Tanh market and Tan Dinh market

Both of these markets are tourist spots, they do offer textiles but just a few stalls… Overall you can find what they selling here in Soai Kinh Lam fabric market.

Ben Tanh and Tan Dinh are offering more of the sourvenirs and food.

Personally, I prefer Tan Binh market the most for their textiles. Whereby for the haberdashery, I like Dai Quang Minh market more than Tan Binh market bacause they are more complete and you can find everything under the same roof.

Feel free to drop me comment if you have any questions, hope you enjoy reading this!

Fabric remnants hunting trip 

Hello from Vietnam *waving hands* 🤗 I am spending a week here with my fiance, while he is working, I am exploring around the city.

I did my research online, decided to check out Phu Tho Hoa street which known as “fabric scrap street” by the locals. (Address: Phu tho hoa street, Phu tho hoa ward, Tan phu district 

The whole stretch is full of fabric remnants shops, which selling leftover textiles from sewing contractor in Saigon. The seller rearranged these leftovers and charge them by weight (I bought my remnants at VND 60,000 per kilograms) 

Piles and piles of fabrics displyed on the floor. You might be  surprised what is hidden in there 😊

Apart from textiles, there are a few stores selling trims and hangtags too. 

I spend around two hours there, generally the sellers are kind and nice.

The fabric is being charged by weight. On average, I spend VND 60,000 on per kilogram. 


My shopping bag is weighed 5.6kg at the end, it was too heavy to carry around! I should have brought a suitcase with me! I can’t shop any longer hence I decided to leave early. Guess what I purchased? 

Tadaa!!! 12 pieces of fabrics!!! I found a few plain white fabric for my wedding gown, silky red chiffon for my wedding buffet and printed floral chiffon for my friend. Most of them have tiny defection or comes in odd shape. 

The black fabric is connected by two pieces, the white chiffon is tinted whereby the floral fabric comes in odd shape. I believe the rest are leftover from cut and sew projects. 

Vietnam has a lot more to offer beside this, I am so excited to explore around! It is indeed a heaven for craft lover ^^ 

Zero-waste shift dress

Life has been taking an unexpected turn lately… I am engaged 🙂

It happened during our trip to Chiangmai, my fiance planned a photo-shoot for us and he knelt down under a tree.

I made myself a zero-waste shift dress with leftover fabric from the previous project for our couple photo-shoot. The pattern is pretty simple with three rectangles but it turns out nicer than I thought it would be!


Two years ago, I was being asked where would I wanna get proposed? I was tipsy, can’t think straight and answered whatever I saw in front of me “On top of a tree” I said… My jokes got taken seriously…


I love how the dress draped over my body and my favorite part is the straight neckline!


What do you think? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!